ayrshire rabbit and guinea pig breeder



Hi we are Sharon and my daughter Tori from Ayrshire Scotland!! we hobby breed and show belgian hares and mini rex , I have decided this year to cut well back on mini lops and concentrate on the breeding and showing belgian hare,s and mini rex in colours (black self & otter) & (blue self & otter) so wont have many more litters of mini lops now ! 

We also hobby breed , rare breed skinny guinea pigs ............ 

we are NOT commercial breeders , we breed for show (exhibit) @ BRC shows as we are members of the BRC ! we breed for type according to the brc standards and more important health and temprement  , we do NOT over breed our does , we limit to 1-2 litters a year depending if i want a youngster for show only , i keep and run on the show quality ones from the litter and other will go to ther breeders or pet homes .

Our does with kits live in spacious 6ft x 2ft x 2ft outside hutches , but under roof cover from the weather , and have outdoor pens to run about when weather is good . We use boxes filled with hay and toilet tubes also filled with treats and hay for toys and they also have jingle balls which they love to play and fling about .

My bucks  have 4ft hutches to live in and plenty access to outside pens . most live in a 10ft x 10ft shed under cover during bad weather ! in summer the shed has two large opening doors and 6 windows which stay open 24hrs to keep shed cool and plenty of daylight , but they spend most of there days in summer in the outside runs and put to bed in there hutches at night . 

This is a hobby all surplus stock goes to other breeders or we sell to others!! all profits  go back in to the up keep of the stud , DONT think or assume that if another breeder is selling there babys for a HIGHER (more expensive) price that they are of better quality or health ! this is NOT the case ! ask yourself why are they more expensive ? might be the case thats its just pure GREED for money ! genuine hobby breeders DO NOT make profits ! if they get anything at all it goes towards the up keep of the stud ie (bedding , hay , food , hutches , vet fees , etc !! THINK BEFORE YOU BUY !! the only time you would be expected to pay more for a breed of bunny is if it is show winning stock from a BRC EXHIBITER .....





To Connie dunn from Glennrothes for setting us up with our stock of minilops and netherland dwarfs .



We no longer breed continental giants please contact ( Marny Murphy ) from bellsbank for the giants .....which will be carrying on the lines xx



A big THANK YOU to Russell Spence  from stonehaven for my belgium hare!!!! He is a goergous, fabulous , stunning big boy fantastic pet !!!......and also for our new girl " clover " at 13 weeks 2012.......which is the start to our own breeding and exhibiting venture with the hare,s this year !!.